NFL Fantasy Survivor Pool


How the pool works

  • The GDF Fantasy Survivor Pool is a combination of NFL Survivor pool and Fantasy Football
  • Each week, you will select a team of 8 fantasy players, consisting of:
    • 1 quarterback
    • 2 running backs
    • 2 wide receivers
    • 1 tight end
    • 1 kicker
    • 1 team def / st
  • Your team will earn fantasy points based on your players performance, using standard fantasy scoring rules (see below)
  • Like in a survivor pool, you can't select the same player twice
    • If you select Aaron Rodgers in week 1, you won't be able to select him again
  • Each week, your team must accumulate greater than or equal to 65 fantasy points, or you will be eliminated from the pool
    • Analysis was done to determine that 65 fantasy points is a achievable yet challenging weekly elimination point. If it proves to be too easy or too hard, rules will be adjusted for subsequent pools. The rule won't be changed for this 2018 regular season pool

Fantasy scoring

  • Offense:
    • Passing Yards: 1 point per 25 yards
    • Passing Touchdowns: 4 points
    • Passing Interceptions: -2 points
    • Rushing Yards: 1 point per 10 yards
    • Rushing Touchdowns: 6 points
    • Receiving Yards: 1 point per 10 yards
    • Receiving Touchdowns: 6 points
    • 2-Point Conversions: 2 points
    • Fumbles Lost: -2 points
    • Fumble Recovered for a Touchdown: 6 points
  • Kicking:
    • PAT Made: 1 point
    • FG Made (0-49 yards): 3 points
    • FG Made (50+ yards): 5 points
  • Defense / Special Teams:
    • Sacks: 1 point
    • Interceptions: 2 points
    • Fumbles Recovered: 2 points
    • Safeties: 2 points
    • Defensive Touchdowns: 6 points
    • Kick and Punt Return Touchdowns: 6 points
    • 2-Point Conversion Returns: 2 points
    • Points Allowed (0): 10 points
    • Points Allowed (1-6): 7 points
    • Points Allowed (7-13): 4 points
    • Points Allowed (14-20): 1 points
    • Points Allowed (21-27): 0 points
    • Points Allowed (28-34): -1 points
    • Points Allowed (35+): -4 points

Entry Fee:

  • The entry fee is $50 per entry; no limit to how many entries you can have
  • Payment must be made by 12 pm ET on Sunday, September 9 or your entry will be removed. No excuses!
    • I am not in the collection business and will not spend time tracking down entry fees. If you can't pay on time, please don't join
  • Payment can be made via paypal to Please reference your entry name with the payment.
    • If you don't have paypal, you can email me to arrange another payment plan


  • The winner will be selected based on:
    • Entry with the most fantasy points at the end of the season who was not eliminated on any given week
    • If all entries are eliminated, entry with the most fantasy points after the week in which the last team is eliminated (having not been eliminated during an earlier week)
      • If 3 entries remain before week 16 and all get < 65 fantasy points, the winner will be the team with the most fantasy points after week 16
  • The winner gets the full payout. If there is a tie (unlikely given franctional fantasy points), the pot will be split

Entering picks:

  • Players will lock based on their individual gametime, rounded to the previous hour (i.e. players in a 4:30 pm ET game lock at 4 pm).
  • The website timestamps your picks, so in the event there is any confusion or technical glitch (hopefully not), I will refer to the timestamp.
  • If you are having problems, please send me an email - I will use the timestamp on the email to determine proper eligibility . Once you send me an email to make a pick manually, you can't go back to the automated system for that position in the week (to prevent gaming). I'll update in the website when I'm next available.

This website

  • I am using the GameDayFacts website along with data from to automate running of the pool. The site itself was built with limited web developer support.
  • If you encounter any technical issues with the site, please email immediately. Picks can be entered manually if email is received before the gametime
  • I'll look to improve the website appearance and functionality over time
  • I am incurring some small costs to run this pool, but will cover this out of my own pocket for 2018. I am not taking any fee for running this pool (not directly, not as a "tip" and not in free entries)

Stats and projections

  • Projections and stats are sourced from
  • For projections, you can use those provided or research your own.
  • For stats, the FantasyData stats will be considered as official.
  • Stats (for the prior week) and Projections (for the next week) will definitely be updated by Tuesday each week, but I am looking to upgrade to more automatic and frequent (including in-game on Sunday) updates

Please invite friends to join